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Adrenaline Rush Zip Line Tours

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Adrenaline Rush Zip Line Tours Is nestled in a small community named Dialville, Texas. It is located 6 miles South of Jacksonville, TX and 7 miles North of Rusk, TX.

  • Annette and Billy Kimbrell own and operate this exciting business. They started Adrenaline Rush Zip Line Tours in July of 2011 in their back yard.
  • The view from that site is breathtaking. You can see most of the Zip Lines that criss cross over beautiful ponds and tree tops. Adrenaline Zip Line Tours sits on one of the highest elevations in East Texas.
  • Adrenaline Zip Line Tours boasts one of the Longest Zip Lines in Texas

We are excited to have one of the longest zip lines in Texas. We call it the "Adrenaline Rush" and it stretches over 1700 feet! We also have 7 other zip lines that are uniquely named. All but one cross over the water and 5 lines crisscross over each other.

  1. Last Chance. It is our beginner line. It is 264 feet long. This is your last chance to stop if you feel this is not for you.
  2. Whoo Who. This line is 375 feet long. The line crisscrosses over another line. Someone might just zip under you. As you cross the pond watch for turtles.
  3. Tarzan. This line is 175 feet. In order to get to Tarzan you have cross over on a sky bridge that adds an element of adrenaline to the tour.
  4. Yabba Dabba Doo! This line is 235 feet. It crosses under Whooo Who. Look out, you may have a zipper zipping over you.
  5. Geronimo. This line is 645 feet. This is one of our most scenic zips. The drop off is dramatic, but take the time to look down in the water. Normally it is crystal clear and there is lot's to see.
  6. Yee Haw! This line is 519 feet. On this line you cross over Geronimo and might see a zipper flying under you as you cross over water and tree tops.
  7. Home Sweet Home. This line is 700 feet long. It also crosses over Geronimo. You will be at the highest point and be gliding over water and lots of tree tops.
  8. Adrenaline Rush. This line is 1700 feet long. One of the longest zip lines in Texas. Depending on the wind conditions the speed has been clocked up to 40 mph

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