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We've built you a new state of the art yoga studio, it's at 211 S. Liberty St. This is just a few doors down from the space we've been in since 2001 at 239 S. Liberty. The new studio opened January 1, 2012. This is one of the few studios in the country that was designed as a yoga center from inception. We spent 14 years as a yoga center in re purposed buildings and over that time came to know exactly what makes a great yoga studio. We feel blessed that we were able to create one for the community.

The two-yoga-room, 3,500 sq. ft. facility sits on what will be a lushly landscaped campus of edible, aromatic and native trees and plants. There is an 1,100 sq. ft. class room with 15 ft. ceilings, lots of natural light and a floating bamboo floor. A well organized prop wall helps keep the floor space clear for yoga. There is a second yoga room to be used mostly for teacher trainings, workshops and events. The 1,250 sq. ft. room opens into a courtyard with plenty of seating for between sessions. Bamboo floors and plenty of windows with southern exposure make for a lovely space to experience our celebrated teacher trainings and other yoga programs.

We considered our environmental impact every step of the way as well as what makes for a great space to practice yoga in.

We designed this building to lend itself to yoga. It is oriented on a E-W axis so there is plenty of natural light and a passive solar advantage is achieved. And day lighting is used through out to reduce the need for electric lights. We put the windows up high in the yoga rooms so there would be plenty of room for working at the wall.

The building is constructed with the Superior Wall system. This eliminates a lot of waste in the building process. It eliminates a lot of site disturbance as well. The system creates a very quiet, tight and well insulated building that uses less energy over the life of the building. Additional insulation was added in the walls and roof that far exceeds building code standards. Fly ash concrete was used, helping to pull a waste product out of the landfill.

The building uses an efficient zoned heating and air conditioning system, complete with a fresh air heat exchanger, so fresh air is pre warmed by the heated exhaust air. We've included a quick room flush system that can quickly flush the hot humid air from a hot yoga class out between classes. The building features a DuctSox duct work system, making for quiet, clean, environmentally friendly delivery of conditioned air.

Water conservation.

The building features a waterless urinal in the men's room as well as low flow fixtures at the sinks and showers. The toilets are the lowest gallons per flush available. The on demand water heater has an innovative feature that keeps hot water at the tap, so there is no need to run water until it gets hot. Thus saving water. We will be installing rain water catchment cisterns in the spring for the irrigation of the edible landscape.

A great space for yoga and the community.

We planned the property and building to be community friendly. There will be plenty of spaces to hang out and catch up with friends before or after class. There will be plenty of spaces to change clothes or sit and put your shoes on. There are showers for those that would like to freshen up after class.. There is plenty of space in the reception area for waiting between classes.

We are conveniently located near Whole Foods / Greenlife Grocery and downtown Asheville. Close enough to walk downtown but not with the hassles of trying to park downtown. Located at 239 S. Liberty St. Asheville Yoga Center has been in this location since 2001. The studio space, has a 1100 square foot Yoga room. The yoga room has natural light, soothing colors, a floating wood floor system, high ceilings, a sound absorbing wall and ceiling system and gentle lighting. We're conveniently located on the north side of town minutes from downtown and the freeway, and we have plenty of free safe street parking. For more information call 254-0380.

We have props and water (filtered water fountain) if you need them. We are walking distance to downtown, just a few blocks away, where you will find a large health food store with deli, tons of vegetarian restaurants, and yummy food everywhere!

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