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Carson Park is the heart of Eau Claire, WI. Here is where you escape after a week of work. Release the kids to play and run. Flock to the many festivals and events. Discover the secrets of Eau Claire's park.

The easiest way to get to the park is on Menomonie Street. Dairy Queen perches at the entrance awaiting the cries of your kids as you drive by. Stop and get them a cone.

If it's a sunny day, you'll see plenty of bicyclists, walkers, and runners. The paths through the park are great. It's the best way to discover the park. Along the way you will find benches to enjoy the view.

The first turn off on the left is Braun's Bay. It's got the Braun's Bay Pavilion along with a fishing pier. Possibly the best thing about this little nook is the view over the water. It's a great place to watch the sunset.

The next turn takes you around the perimeter of the park. It's also where you'll find the horseshoe pits. They've got a huge pavilion to sit at, too.

Got little kids? Then it might be a special treat to take them to the Train Station. It's open select times in the summer. The turn is on your right. Check the map because this is possibly Carson Park's biggest secret.

The huge parking lot on your left is where you might park if you were attending a game at one of the stadiums. Eau Claire sports fans enjoy football, baseball, high school and college games in the park. Outside the baseball stadium is the statue of Hank Aaron -- he played here before he was a celebrity.

If you drive through the parking lot, the other side lets out at the Pine Pavilion, the Oak Pavilion, and a huge area of play equipment. Park the car and grab the picnic basket. There's lots for a family to do.

Hidden behind the baseball and football fields are the museums. History buffs rejoice! The Chippewa Valley Museum has tons of local history information. It will take you several trips to really absorb it all.

Right next door is the huge statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. I've stopped into the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum more than once. Really take your time at the outdoor exhibits.

If you're just taking a quiet drive through the park, you might exit through the other side -- at Birch Picnic Area. It's easy to overlook, but if you want a great place for a family reunion or a place to take the kids fishing, stop in. I'm always surprised at how big the area really is.

Carson Park has so many things going on. Festivals are often held here, but make time to enjoy this Eau Claire park. It's a peaceful retreat on a lunch hour and a great family destination, too.

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