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Celebrity Theatre hosts events ranging from concerts and plays to boxing and corporate events. Over the years, virtually every major artist in the industry has played the Celebrity Theatre.

Many of the concert artist riders ask for items that they deem necessary for the production of their show. Because of the unique intimacy derived from a theatre-in-the-round and the necessary adjustments that the configuration demands, we have enclosed this information package from the theatre, plus a description of the sound and lighting we have in-house. We do not have monitors, so we either use yours or set up rental.

Because most artist riders are based on arena specifications, we know that we cannot fully meet every aspect of your rider request. We can assure you, however, that our sound, lights, and hospitality are first class for the room and that we have the best sounding, most intimate theatre in the Valley of The sun. We will provide everything in our house for your use, but if you need more than what we have, you will be responsible for bringing it in yourself, unless otherwise negotiated.

If there is a discrepancy between your rider and our house system, we are sending in our contract with the understanding that your rider is subject to our house equipment. We will work with you in every way possible to make sure your experience at the Celebrity Theatre is a positive memory and that your day in Phoenix will be the best on your tour.

The Artist acknowledges that Arizona State Laws make it illegal to drink alcohol on stage. If artist ignores this law, then artist/artist management indemnifies Celebrity Theatre from all costs or fines received because of artists? actions.

Any offers made; assume that the artist will not play within 100 miles of the theatre between the date of this offer and 90 days after the scheduled play date. No advertising for any other show may run in the Phoenix metropolitan area until after our show is complete.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to sell group tickets at a discount of up to $5.00. A $3 facility fee is added on top of all tickets, plus a $5 service charge and is paid by the customer. Facility fee or service charge revenue is not shared with the artist.

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