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Historic Ships Memorial at Pacific Square

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The Battleship Experience - if awarded to HSMPS visitors will be allowed to tour many areas of the USS Iowa. Nearly three football fields long, USS Iowa is one of the largest floating objects in San Francisco Bay. Tours will be both self-guided and guided. Visitors will be amazed as they walk the nearly 46,000 square feet of teak decks. Guests may visit USS Iowa's enormous engine rooms, tour her huge galley that fed 3,000 sailors a day, sit inside her sophisticated gunnery and fire control rooms and, of course, visit the 16 inch, 50 caliber rifles that could hurl a 2,700 pound shell almost 24 miles. (U.S.S. Iowa holds the record at 26.9 miles.) Everything about the battleship, with an armor belt over 16-inches thick, is enormous. Overnight programs and re-enactments will make history come alive. Extensive museum exhibits will add yet another exceptional educational dimension. A tour aboard the USS Iowa is a exploration and learning experience powered by one of the most enduring, powerful and sophisticated ships ever conceived.

Presidential Site - Guests will have the opportunity to visit President Roosevelt's stateroom and see the FDR museum, as the USS Iowa has been designated a Presidential site by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

Historic Setting - USS Iowa is poised to become a national icon and attraction in an unprecedented manner at the West Coast's oldest naval facility, Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California. Mare Island and Vallejo witnessed some of the most intensive naval ship building in history through WWI, WWII, the Cold War. USS IOWA at this intact naval facility promises to be one of America's most potent time capsules. USS Iowa at Mare Island promises to be a uniquely educational and moving experience.

Spectacular plans place "THE BIG STICK" in a highly visible and dignified berth in a refurbished naval setting. The tall and enormous buildings dating to the turn of the century, giant cranes and huge graving yards make the base look alive with a tangible naval presence. Nearby immaculate historic houses for officers and an exquisite naval chapel are open to the public and sit astride beautiful tree lined walk ways, adjacent to visitor and trade show orientated activities sure to attract millions.

Location - USS Iowa could not find a more noble supporter than the City of Vallejo, a proud champion in preserving our fine naval heritage. USS Iowa at Mare Island, Vallejo, sports breathtaking bay vistas and is at the gateway to the wine country of world famous Napa Valley. Only a 35-minute drive from San Francisco and with hourly ferry connections to nearby San Francisco, USS Iowa is sure to become a convenient and alluring destination.

We encourage you to support HSMPS by becoming a donor member, by contributing your time, by making a financial gift. Join the thousands who have written Congress and the Navy, donated funds, and have brought their skills and energy to bear on relocating the USS Iowa as a mobilization asset to the Bay Area and continue to work on ensuring that IOWA is preserved in her retirement.

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