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J’Originals Art Studio

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J'Originals Art Studio is owned and operated by Joanna A. McKethan, SW, WSNC. She also owns Art on Broad Atelier, located at 217 East Broad Street. Her paintings are displayed at both locations. From commissioned work, to already framed works of art, there are a variety of choices. Classes are also offered for aspiring artists.

About Us

I used to look younger than everyone else, and Mom told me one day I would be happy for that. Well, that day has arrived.

My classmates used to say, "Joanna, you're just trying to be different," a slam, no compliment, and I could never figure out why, because although I never wanted to be like everyone else, I certainly did not want isolation due to the differences. I wanted acceptance like anyone. But a couple of years ago, Gordon Wetmore, the President and a founding member of Portrait Society of America, laid that demon to rest. He told us to thank God every morning that we woke that we had the privilege of being an artist and of going to work that day doing what we loved most.

So I am grateful to God for making me different...not to call attention to myself, but to free me to paint images I see, compose poems and books, and teach others how to do the same.

As long as I can remember, all I have ever wanted to do was write and paint. My trek to feel accomplished at this has been arduous, leading me to jobs that would enable my first loves, learning from courses, reading, and experimentation and to occupying small, cramped quarters, and making seven moves downtown before finally finding and owning a site where this could become a daily delight. For that is exactly what I do at 217 East Broad Street, and every inch of it is dedicated to fulfilling this passion and love.

Is there a focus within this focus? Yes, there is: the beauty and integrity of the single human soul and the world as it was created. I want to paint the excruciatingly beautiful, the one-of-a-kind, the intensity of a moment of wonder. I want to use each separate media to attain a result that wakes the senses, the intellect, and the spirit. I want to inspire and elevate with beauty. And leave the world never more the same, but larger and better because of what I saw that I was able to successfully interpret for you, the treasured person who wandered into my world.

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