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Lazercade has 2 complete arenas spanning 6000 square feet- the Ruins and the Maze! The Ruins spans 100 feet long. It has been designed for team strategy play with a main battleground in the mist-filled center. Hundreds of obstacles hinder- or help- each player defend their headquarters, hide from other players or await for unsuspecting players. This arena is ideal for team play as bottlenecks make for ideal defensive positioning, requiring a well conceived offensive strategy to break through to the opposing team's headquarters.

The Maze boasts a layout spread over 3000 square feet. Each turn may take you to an energizer, or may lead you directly in to your opponents awaiting phaser! Home bases are located at opposite corners of the arena, with dozens of paths to choose from to get from one home base to the other.


Laser tag combines the games of "hide and seek" and "tag", with a high-tech twist! Each player wears a state-of-the-art vest, packed with sensors, and a laser wielding phaser. The game can be played in teams or individually. Both styles promise dizzying mazes, mist filled battlegrounds, heart pounding music and stunning fluorescent visual effects.

In the team environment, players are divided in to red or green teams. The goal of each team is to tag the opposing team's home base (also known as a headquarters), while tagging as many players on the other team as possible. Each team must balance their offensive strikes into the other team's territory while maintaining their defensive positions to protect their own home base. Team points, as well as individual points, are earned by tagging the home base as well as tagging opponents on their vests or on their guns. Communication with teammates in a darkened, mist filled environment becomes a challenge, yet one that must be overcome to win. Sticking to the pre-arranged game plan while being flexible enough to recognize opportunities during the action is what successful team play is all about.

In an individual scoring environment, each player is individually scored based on the number of times s/he is able to tag other players. This method incorporates a more hide-and-seek approach. A player can find what s/he believes to be a good defensive position, then they can wait for unsuspecting players to come by and tag them. Alternatively, a player can actively search for other players, relying on quick reflexes to "out tag" their opponents.

No matter how you play it, the game is exciting and new every time, because at Lazercade, YOU ARE THE GAME!

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