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For many, the experience of an internship is just short of a mild form of slavery. Before starting at the Library, I expected a summer consisting of coffee runs on rainy days or dirty looks from veteran employees who mule over the fact that the company bothers with lazy and poorly trained interns. However, my internship at The Mary Baker Eddy Library has been, well, the complete opposite of that. As a matter of fact, I often forgot that I was officially just an intern.

Right off the bat, the wonderful staff warmly welcomed me. The first week I spent time getting to know my co-workers as well as getting a better understanding of the Library's purpose, mission, and vision. Before my internship, I thought that the Library existed simply as a place to hold books and stuff that belonged to Mary Baker Eddy. I was truly fascinated to learn that the Library was originally set up to protect the copyrights of Eddy's works and to give people a place to experience and learn about all of Eddy's amazing achievements.

Luckily for me, the Library staff is very busy and put me to work right away. Since I directly reported to the Communications team, I was able to work in all the areas that I showed an interest. That's right, no coffee runs for this intern! Within the first week alone, I filmed and edited a gallery talk that focused on the incredible story of the the Busy Bees. It was a great privilege to be given the opportunity to work on a short video for online viewers to enjoy

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