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Public Square – Downtown Watertown

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Public Square, then known as the Mall, came into existence in 1805 when Hart and Isaiah Massey, Henry Coffeen, Zachariah Butterfield, Jonathan Cowan, Jesse Doolittle, Aaron Keyes, and Medad Canfield, with surprising foresight, deeded the land for public use. These men, mostly of New England origin, thought of the Mall as a common such as those that graced many New England villages. This helped to enhance the development of a business center by creating an area around which businesses could locate.

Following the 1849 fire, most of Public Square was replaced with heavy masonry construction. The parks at the center of the square were laid out in 1853 with a fountain at the center and an oval at each end.

Parks, libraries, monuments, hospitals, and community welfare institutions have been contributed by successive generations. Watertown stands out as a standard for others to emulate." Let's make our forefathers, and ourselves proud, by continuing this fine tradition today.

About DBA

• We are a consortium of businesses and individuals who believe in the past, present and future of our community.

• We create opportunities for members to promote and improve the quality of life in Downtown Watertown.

• We provide significant input into downtown planning and marketing downtown Watertown, and promote a feeling of well-being.

• We encourage communications through a powerful networking environment, not only through members, but through member organizations.

• We further provide informational seminars, web site availability and a forum for change.

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