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Tigua Indian Cultural Center

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The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is situated within the City of El Paso and the City of Socorro, Texas, just north of Mexico along the Rio Grande. The land configuration is referred to as "checkerboard" or pieced together with non-contiguous boundaries. The primary reservation community is one mile northeast of the Zaragoza International border between the United States and Mexico.

Tribal Land

A total of 2698.4348 acres of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo land is held in trust for the tribe by the United States Department of the Interior. Much of tribal trust land supports tribal government offices and the tribal housing communities. The tribe has also invested in the acquisition of property for tribal businesses and future development. Some of these properties are held in simple fee title. The Pueblo lands are located in El Paso County in both the City of El Paso and the City of Socorro. The tribe also owns the Chilicote Ranch totaling 70,461.28 acres. The ranch is located in Presidio and Jeff Davis County and is comprised of grasslands, hills, canyons, and highlands. In addition to the diverse wild life and plant life, the Chilicote houses the tribe's cattle ranching operations.

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